Combining the network-enabled Merlin Thermostat with Komfort IQ’s smart
occupancy detection reduces energy usage while maintaining the classroom climate.

Merlin Thermostat

Internet-enabled thermostat gives the building facilities team visibility and control over the HVAC in every classroom.

Smart Occupancy Sensor

Measures temperature, light, sound, CO2, and other data to determine if the room is occupied or not.


Energy Savings

Komfort IQ eliminates unnecessary heating and cooling in unoccupied rooms to save energy.

Occupant Comfort

Rather than shutting off HVAC and discomforting teachers and student with rooms that are too hot or cold, when rooms are unoccupied, Komfort IQ maintains the room temperature within a wider range.

Improve Facilities Management

The web-based data dashboard provides facilities management with live and historic data on temperature, occupancy, sound levels and other information to diagnose problems and respond to complaints.

Simple Installation

Installation is fast and inexpensive. Simply replace the existing thermostat with the Komfort IQ internet-enabled Merlin thermostat and add the wireless occupancy sensor to the ceiling.