TV Production Studio Offices

A TV production studio near Hollywood, CA was receiving complaints that some of the staff offices were extremely hot while others were far too cold. In addition, the A/C was running whether the offices were in use or not, wasting energy and money.

Case Study – TV Studio

  • Komfort IQ eliminated the complaints for excessively hot and cold offices. Tenant satisfaction increased from 75% to 100%.
  • The system paid for itself in under 19 months.
  • The owner was able to save over $11,000 a year in energy costs raising the value of the facility.
  • Extensive data from each office provided valuable building analytics.

HVAC Issues in Studio Offices

In one south-facing office, the temperature rose to 90°F during the afternoon, while the lobby where the thermostat was located remained at 65°F. In another office, two women wanted the temperature set to 78°F but shared a thermostat with a man in another office who wanted his room at 72°F.

Previous attempts to correct the problem by adjusting vents and airflow only helping temporarily as the thermal load on the building shifted over the course of the day and from season-to-season.

Offices were frequently unoccupied as staff worked on set or in the field. However, each HVAC zone covered a group of offices with a single thermostat and no way to direct airflow where it was needed.


MicroZone Installation

Komfort IQ’s MicroZones were installed in offices with a total of 13,300 sq ft. Installation required approximately 40 minutes for each office and 2 hours for system configuration and testing.

The installation consisted of:

Adding a motorized damper to the duct in each office
Installing a MicroZone sensor in each office
Replacing the thermostat with the MicroZone Thermostat Hub
Connecting the Thermostat Hub to the cloud-based management system
Configuring and testing system operation


The MicroZone system reduced energy usage by over 30% compared to the same month the previous year.

Total energy usage over 6 months reduced from 122,237 KWh to 80,103 KWh.

Cost savings averaged 32%, with an annualized savings of over $11,000.

The system paid for itself in under 19 months.

The problems with hot and cold offices were solved improving tenant satisfaction.

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