MicroZone System

Combines wireless sensors with smart dampers in the vents to control airflow into every office

Smart Dampers

Motorized dampers installed in the ducts open and
close to control airflow into each office

  • Available for ducts of any size or shape
  • Wireless connection requires only low voltage power
  • Quick and easy to install

Advanced Sensors

Monitors temperature, occupancy and
air quality in each room

Combines a variety of data from the sensor to accurately detect occupancy and track air quality:

  • Temperature
  • Infrared
  • Light
  • Sound
  • CO2
  • Volatile Organic Chemicals

Management Dashboard

Cloud-based management system to optimize airflow through the
building by opening and closing the smart dampers

  • Uses machine learning to analyze sensor data and history to determine occupancy
  • Shows dashboard with actionable statistics
  • Sets global limits on temperature and HVAC operating hours
  • Includes OpenDR demand response functionality
  • Connects to existing BAS/BMS or functions as a simple BMS for buildings without one

Smartphone App

Allows occupants to set their desired temperature in each office.

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