Komfort IQ – Changing the Way the World Heats and Cools Commercial Buildings

Our Story

Komfort IQ was founded to solve a fundamental problem: buildings account for around 40% of all energy usage, and HVAC is by far the largest component of that.

But because a single thermostat controls the airflow to an entire zone, the entire building is heated and cooled as if all rooms are occupied, wasting a third of the building’s energy.

And inevitably, half the rooms are too hot and half are too cold, and occupants resort to space heaters, fans, and sweaters in the middle of summer.

By building an affordable room-by-room control of the HVAC system, we knew we could save money and save energy, and help the environment while making ourselves more comfortable, too.

The idea was simple, but building the product wasn’t. Dumb infrared-based occupancy sensors don’t work well enough and can break the HVAC system. So we had to invent our own occupancy detectors, combining infrared with light, sound, CO2, and Bluetooth sensing to accurately determine whether someone is in the room.

But that wasn’t good enough. We needed to know not only if the room was occupied, but how soon someone was likely to return.

So we created a machine learning engine to differentiate the rooms empty for an hour during lunch or a meeting from the office of the sales manager who only comes into the office once a week.

And then we had to make it inexpensive to manufacture and install to ensure a quick payback, and absolutely bulletproof to guarantee it works without fail. Now the MicroZone system is ready to save you energy and money.

Meet the Founders

John Ko


John is a serial entrepreneur combining business and technical backgrounds. He has 20 years experience building software solutions for commercial real estate and hotels.

Sonny Wang

Chief Revenue Officer

Sonny is a sales professional with more than 15 years launching and growing businesses. He also brings experience in IoT, real estate investing and startup finance.

DC Palter

Head of Marketing and Operations

DC founded and led three previous tech startups, including two highly successful exits. He combines a technical background in mechanical energy engineering with an MBA in technology marketing and a masters in energy law & sustainability.

The founders are joined by a diverse team of software developers and UI/UX specialists, as well as an august group of advisors specializing in mechanical engineering, manufacturing, sustainability, and HVAC systems.

Find out how you can save money while improving building comfort.