Komfort IQ – Welcome!

Komfort IQ’s MicroZone System combines wireless sensors
with smart dampers in the vents to control airflow into every office.

See how it works here

Why are you wasting energy cooling this
EMPTY office?
And why are half the rooms too HOT and
half too COLD?
Because there is only one thermostat controlling
airflow into all the rooms

Cut Energy Usage by 25%

  • Reduces airflow to unoccupied spaces
  • Allows owners to set temp. limits and operating hours
  • Eliminates service calls for temp. complaints

Enhance Comfort & Safety

  • Provides separate temp. control for every office
  • Monitors room air quality to adjust ratio of fresh air
  • Improves employee health while increasing productivity

Payback in 5 Years

The MicroZone system is highly affordable, with a
typical payback from energy savings alone within 5 Years.

Install in Any Building

  • Add to any sized building
  • Works with any ducted HVAC
  • Integrates with any BAS/BMS

Find out how you can save money while improving building comfort.