IEA Study on Cooling and Climate Change

The International Energy Agency (IEA) just released their report on the impact of A/C on climate change.

Their report concludes the Earth will need 5x more energy for cooling by 2050 compared to today. Doubling the energy efficiency of air conditioners could save $2.9 trillion. If you don’t want to read the entire report, there’s a good summary from CNBC here.

At Komfort IQ we have another idea to help save the earth and save money. We turn off the A/C (and heat) to all the offices that are unoccupied at any time, just like you turn off the lights. It requires controlling the airflow to each room individually and a lot of complex occupancy and airflow analysis, but saves buildings owners a big fraction of their energy bill while promoting sustainability. You can read how it works here.

Join us in this journey for energy sustainability while creating safer, more comfortable work environments, too.

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