Creating Komfort One Room at a Time

Mission Statement

Our Mission is simple, we exist to bring Personal Temperature Control and HVAC Energy Efficiency to Commercial Office buildings across the entire world and to do it with passion and excellence.

Company history

What We Believe

Being energy conscious and smart about business aren’t mutually exclusive ideas. And with the advancement of technology, they are more in line than ever before. This company was created with that in mind, that being environmentally friendly didn’t mean lower profits and higher costs.

With that said, we believe:

  • That we can use energy responsibly and be good stewards of the earth for future generations.
  • In bringing real value to our building owner & operating customers, in the form of energy savings and real benefits to their tenants.
  • In achieving excellence for our customers and the proper alignment of mutually beneficial goals.

But as proper stewards of the environment, we also believe in being proper stewards of each other including our people and our customers.

Our company values are to

  • Respect ourselves and other people.
  • Be honest with ourselves and other people.
  • Practice grace, patience and service for other people.

We thank you for your business and we hope that we’ve worked to your expectations.

Many thanks,
The people of Komfort IQ.